Zen Blend Is the best for meditation.


Rose Oil is the highest and purest of oils.
Rose Oil can open one’s heart very quickly and can therefore be a little overwhelming for some.

So then we added Myrrh Oil. Myrrh helps the soul to feel the love and nurturing presence of “Mother Earth” to comfort you. This then will inoculate Individuals from the adverse and harmful effects of the world.


Frankincense oil has expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties. The oil helps in decongesting lungs and nasal passages during an asthma attack. This essential oil is also useful in relieving anxiety, confusion, and stress.

Then, Melissa Oil awakens the soul to Truth and Light. This oil invites one to release everything and anything that holds them back from reaching their fullest potential. This oil invites one to participate within the higher realms of living and dreaming.

Also best when used with Chakra Selfie. Free sample included when purchasing Chakra Selfie.

Wear in diffuser for 40 days. For change in consciousness.

Zen Blend

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Zen Blend

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