Place 33, Book One Download pdf

Place 33, Book One Download pdf

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Sherilyn Bridget Avalon a Truth Seeker. Seeking the Truth for enlightenment, a very caring empathetic who is on a mission to expand the human spirit by introducing everyone to a multi-dimensional life scope. 


I’ve taken a ride of a lifetime on the Elevator of Enlightenment while meeting my God Mother, Angie, God father St. Stephan, the Devil like Frank and The Spirit of Joseph Campbell while searching for the truth about the other side. 


On a daily basis I enjoy zig zagging through other realms of existence. I have learned to bridge the two worlds in order to create a greater more adventurous living experience. In my fascinating book “Place33”, I reveal 33 secrets of universal truths that have been hidden from the human experience for millennium. The dawn of the expanded human spirit is now. Get a great start on an expanded experience by visiting  or where you will find a feast of spiritual tools that will help you delve into the infinite nature of your true spirit.



This story reflects on the author’s encounter as an ordinary person who made a great impact on life, and how she used the encounter with Sterling to her best advantage. All of the fears Sherilyn encountered throughout her life and disappointments were nothing new, but the positive spin she adds to these encounters makes the book a great read. 



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