How to give yourself a chakra Selfie -  Activate your Awakening

How to give yourself a chakra Selfie - Activate your Awakening

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So many! The theory of the subtle body and its energy centers called Chakras (or padmas (lotuses), ādhāras, lakṣyas (focal points), etc.) comes from the tradition of Tantrik Yoga, which flourished from 600-1300 BC, and is still alive today.


This book has so much information on the chakra's and energy system you won't believe it!

Las Vegas resident dimension roamer, Author, Sherilyn Bridget Avalon, is zig-zagging the spirit world bringing stories from incredible dimensions. From hidden Universal Truths and the must-try Elevator of Enlightenment, to spectacular alien encounters with locals, Let Sherilyn enlighten you to the kingdom that is within all of us. We invite spiritual travelers with hypnotic voyaging to roam their world within and without.


The chakras are the body’s energetic system. I believe the chakras contain life force energy.

The Chakra system is the map. 


Using your personal bio energy field to shift reality.

1. Earth Chakra - Deals with survival. Its blocked by fear. 

2. Water Chakra - Deals with pleasure. Its blocked by guilt 

3. Fire Chakra -. Deals with power. Its blocked by shame. 

4. Love Chakra -. Deals with love. Its blocked by grief. 

5. Sound Chakra -. Deals with truth. Its blocked by lies that we tell to ourselves. 

6. Light Chakra- Deals with insight. Its blocked by illusion. 

7. Thought Chakra -. Deals with pure cosmic energy. it's blocked by all earthling attachment.


The Chakras, an ancient phenomena mastered the art of the energetic therapies. After being hidden for thousands of years, their knowledge is coming back today in response to our society profound need to once again find deep roots and dimensions. This book which represents the chakras of many years of research and practice offers the public the most complete set of Chakra techniques and perceptions of the human being subtle anatomy ever collected.


Chakra do a chakra Selfie Book 8x10.pdf


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