Chakra Balancing Class

Chakra Balancing Class

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Chakras Why is it Important for me to learn about my Chakras?


It is time for a re-alignment of energetic frequencies that removes emotional blockages which can include soul learning, healing and spiritual growth. * It assists all areas. * Energetic imbalancescan end up manifesting as physical ailments or emotional issues. * It promotes health via physical and energetic crystal entrainment. We recognize crystals as powerful energetic tools. I have an understanding of the Human EMF and how crystals interact with it.


The following modalities are for you to do a self-analysis to help you increase the energy centers that you live in. By understanding what thoughts or issues may cause a chakra to stagnate (not develop fully) is key in helping you gain more self-knowledge and Ascension.

Chakra Awakener can channel healing energy into your Chakras to restore frequency into your body and bring your spirit to good health.


Why? You Ask.

Negativity in any form is damaging to the human energy field (HEF) or aura. Personal power could be lost through the use of drugs, alcohol. Negative thinking, and programing. If not protected it will hurt you on an emotional and spiritual level. When you regularly clean your Chakras, you start reversing decades of abuse and begin tuning into your body and bringing it back to balance.


Doing the exercises take a short time and almost immediately, you will feel the blocked energies start to move in your body and you will feel lighter. Your friends and family will be asking you what you are doing as they will see the difference in you.

As you grow in knowledge through daily practice, you will tune into your body and start knowing which clearing and healing exercises you need right now.


Ascension :

A term used to describe the process of transcending to a higher plane of existence.


Ascension is the process of increasing the energetic frequencies of the elements of the body, thereby purifyitng and activating higher, finer subtle energetic potentials of existence. The Pranava Activated Dome of Ascension works by first projecting an egg-shaped energetic shield of protection around the individual. Then its full color spectrum light frequencies begin activating, clearing and restoring the harmonious frequencies of the Chakras and subtle energy bodies. In this protected, awakened state, the individual is then gradually re-inroduced to their own Higher Self and their Light Body and then, ultimately, to the Source of all Energies.


When you purchase this course: You receive 1- Chakra Awakener, 1- 52 page book, "How to give yourself a Chakra Selfie" and ( 2) online sessions.


After you purchase we have two (2)  one on one sessions.

  • Energy Clearing



    Energy Clearing

    Clearing energy gives you more life force. It’s a practice you can begin right now.

    Do I have to clear my chakras to clear my energy?

    You can heal all kinds of ways. Energy clearing is excellent for healing. Healing and clearing energy is possible when you do daily energy balancing practice.

    This can clear your head and give you a sense of peace.

     Each person heals in  his or her own way.

    However, with a step-by-step daily plan you can give yourself an insane amount of healing in a very short time. You may or may not intentionally clear your chakras, but if your energy is clear your chakras generally will be clear also.

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