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chakra Selfie book.

Essential Chakra Meditations: Awaken Your Healing Power with Meditation and Visualization

The understanding that I would like to convey this evening is about healing on a higher level, true healing, not just a temporary solution that you have to resolve permanently at a later time. The Chakra Awakener is another extraordinary tool among others, which is easy to use and very effective. Unfortunately, it is not used by the majority of the people because the knowledge is forgotten.

The emerald green vibration of the Fifth Ray of Healing is one tool, but there are many other awesome ones. The more aware we become of these tools and the more we use them, the more we can transform our lives with ease and grace.

I want to give you a greater understanding of The Chakra Awakener, discussing electrons and how we can raise our consciousness by using those tools.

There are seven days of the week, seven notes on the musical scale, seven main chakras, seven main endocrine glands and seven main organs and systems in the body, etc. The list is quite long. Do you get the picture? Each one of these Rays represents a specific color vibration and is connected with every emotion as they has their own vibrational frequency.

For example, each day of the week is amplified with the energies of one of the Rays with its corresponding color vibration. Each note in a musical octave represents a specific color and Ray energy. Each one of the seven glands and the seven main organs in your body is connected with one of the seven main chakras, which in turn is connected to one of the Seven Flames. The Flame of Resurrection is something you can use through eternity and always benefit from it.

Feel, see, or create.

Heal your Chakras - Activate your Awakening

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