Chakra Selfie Sticks

Chakra awakening and balancing guide

The chakras are the body's energetic system. Many believe the chakras contain life force energy. Based on the Chakra's and frequencies that touch on the physical, subtle, psychological and spiritual dimensions of all beings, and through its information on combining the energy development and health of the whole organism - this book offers everyone new avenues of growth and harmony.

The Chakras, an ancient phenomena mastered the art of the energetic therapies. After being hidden for thousands of years, their knowledge is coming back today in response to our society profound need to once again find deep roots and dimensions. This book which represents the chakras of many years of research and practice offers the public the most complete set of Chakra techniques and perceptions of the human being subtle anatomy ever collected.

Understanding the mind

Connecting with your inner divine essence is the first step... The Adventure is how you express that as you!

What's the difference between awareness and the mind?

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