Online Courses Available

Mediumship Classes
This workshop includes a medium intuitive demonstration for each student, it will help you to improve your mental and physical well being.

1-Teach you to channel.

2- Teach you to get in touch with your guides.

3- Show you how to be aware of other spirits. Which will help you to be able to voice channel.

Our medium intuitive Maryann will give you the upper hand on your physical awareness.
Awakening Class
Awakening what is that? Its something like this… Say you are waking up in the morning and you are in the same bed, same bedroom but it looks a little different. Has that ever happened to you? What happens is you are waking up with a new perspective.
Sound Healing Class
Learn how Sound helps you heal. By using tuning forks and crystal bowls.
Chakra Balancing Class
Learn about the Chakras and how they affect your physical body.
Expanding your mind for a grander reality
Most humans on earth are completely oblivious to the fact that we are living in a magnificent time of spiritual expansion. Most of humanity will find it hard to believe that we are very fortunate beings. Every day we awaken to a constant bombardment of catastrophic news. The main stream media are addicted to finding and informing the public of the most gruesome events that happen on a daily basis. Behind this delusional media fiasco
Place 33, Introduction
Place 33: Secrets of Universal Truths Revealed through Hypnotic Channeling weaves a fantastic journey through worlds and dimensions we never imagined. Avalon tells of ways to grow and elevate our conscious awareness as we learn about life and ourselves through her own lessons.
Such as, what is energy? What does it mean? What is a metaphor?

What is Awakening, What is Ascension, What is Evolving? I am going to try and give you a better understanding
Self Talk Excersizes
With ASCENSION OILS you can awaken your senses to create ageless beauty, heal your body, mind and soul. While leaving with new tools that will enhance your lifestyle and raise your consciousness.
Spiritual Energy Art Class
Learn to tap into your spiritual energy. Make a special painting connecting with a loved one.
Chakra Selfie Class
Learn how to give yourself a Chakra Selfie.
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 Free Virtual Chakra Balancing Consultation Available

Welcome, I’m thrilled the stars have brought you here. I’m a successful Spiritual Medium based in Las Vegas - here to guide you through life’s most complex and difficult matters. Whatever you’re going through, I‘m here to help you find your way forward. From a young age I realized I was blessed with a gift that enabled me to see and sense things others could not. Let me do the same for you as I have for so many others since 2012. Contact me to schedule an appointment or phone call reading. It's easy.

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